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For Private Sector

In majority of the cases where applications are invited from the private sector, the programmes are advertised through the press. For private sector, therefore, EAD will act as a facilitator by bringing all such information on this Website. For the time being, relevant Websites with information about scholarships / training / seminars open to private sector will be available on this Website. EAD will ensure that in future, other relevant information, especially about offers sent directly to EAD but open to private sector, is regularly updated on this Website.

Relevant Links

1.   British Council 
2.   Study in Japan 
3.   Study in Australia 
4.   Study in Norway
5.   Study in the Netherlands 
6.   Study in Germany 

7.   World Bank Scholarships

8.   Japan-Asian Development Bank Scholarship Program

9.   Sites for Scholarship / Financial Aid

10Test related websites (TOEFL, GRE etc)

For Government / Public Sector

Economic Affairs Division shall be the focal point for processing foreign training facilities. The applicants may contact the relevant authorities mentioned against each course / programme to obtain programme details and application forms etc. The relevant authorities are those government formations to which EAD has circulated information about the offers. All the applications must be forwarded through proper channel after soliciting approval from the competent authorities. 

For Federal Ministries, after obtaining approval from the competent authorities, the applications should be sent directly to EAD for further processing. Unless stated otherwise, all applications have to be routed through EAD to the donors/training institutes. 

For Provincial Governments, the contact point for foreign training is the Planning and Development Department of the province to which all offers of training and seminars etc are communicated. The Provincial employees should forward their nominations, along with completed applications and required documentation, directly to the Economic Affairs Division and not through line ministry in the federal government, after completing the approval process applicable in the respective province. The nominations of APUG officers posted in the provinces must be routed through the Establishment Division. 

All selections shall be approved by a Committee headed by the Secretary, Economic Affairs Division, and comprising a representative from the Establishment Division. For each training programme, a representative from the concerned line ministry in the federal government shall be co-opted in the selection process. All selections shall be made strictly on merit and in line with the career planning needs of civil servants.

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